Want a Card Reader for in-person transactions? Just email chat@wise.us and request one!

When you receive your Wise card reader, follow these simple steps to get it connected to your Wise mobile banking app. 

  1. Turn on bluetooth on your phone or iPad, but do NOT use the phone's bluetooth settings to pair the reader. 

NOTE: Ensure Bluetooth is enabled for the Wise app. In iOS this can be found under Settings>Wise

2. Turn on the Card Reader

3. The card reader will now automatically connect to your Wise banking application. You may see a confirmation screen flash briefly. If the card reader's light is blue, the pairing is complete! After a short time, the LED light will go dark and only blink occasionally to let you know it is still connected. 

4. All Set!  - Start getting paid by selecting Point of Sale under Payment Methods!

NOTE: Be sure to charge your reader frequently or leave connected to power if you will use it all day. You can view battery life under your account details in the mobile app.

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