1. From the Overview screen, click on "Get Paid" in the top right section of the screen. 
  2. You can then enter the amount and select "Send Invoice" as the payment method.
  3. Proceed by selecting a contact to send the invoice to, or create a new contact to invoice if they have not been added to your contacts yet.
    (Note: For details on how to add a new contact, you can reference the Wise Contacts article.)
  4. The next step is to provide some details by telling us what the invoice is for. One or two short sentences are best.
  5. When finalizing the payment, you can select how you would like to be paid. The default is to allow the recipient to pay via either card or bank transfer (ACH).
    Note: Card-based payments are
    instant, meaning we put the money in your Wise Checking account instantly without any delay. These transactions have a 2% processing fee as standard (compare with others, we think this is very competitive!) ACH payments are free (no fees) but can take 1-2 business days to clear and post to your account, depending on the sending bank. For transactions over $10,000 USD, ACH will be the only option (to help save you money!). 
  6. After sending the invoice, your contact will get an email with a payment link that allows them to pay the invoice with a credit or debit card. Once they pay the invoice, funds will be available in your account instantly.

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