Making payments in Wise is the process of sending money from your Wise business checking account to a 3rd party account not controlled by you. There are two options available

  1. Instant by Wise -  is a brand new way to send money directly from your Wise account to another party's bank account, instantly! The recipient must have a US-Based Visa Debit card to use this option and if you aren't sure, you can send the payment offer this way and if they do not have a compatible account, they can then receive the payment with their bank account (routing and account number) information. When using Instant by Wise, the money will be posted to their bank account within minutes, even on nights and weekends! 
  2. Account Transfer - This is a bank transfer (ACH) sent from your Wise account to the recipient's bank account. You will need the other party's Account and Routing numbers in order to complete this payment. Enter the amount you are paying and select Account Transfer as the payment method. This will send an ACH payment to the recipient. This payment method can be posted the same day, or next day, depending on time of day and the receiving bank's ACH policies. 

See below for a quick preview on how easy it is to pay someone using Wise! 

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