ATM Card is a debit card that's best used for withdrawing cash from ATMs should you need to do so. It's less ideal for spending compared to the physical and virtual Wise Cards due to the advanced features they provide such as spend controls and digital wallet support. Wise uses the Allpoint ATM network for fee-free ATM withdrawals.

The ATM card will be issued when your bank account is created. You will receive this card in the mail within a week of your account being approved (not from your application submission date).

A few important things to know:

  • The card will be shipped to the mailing address on file with Wise.

  • Your pin number will be sent in the mail, separately from your ATM Card.

  • You will be able to view the card in the banking section of the site.

  • To activate your card, simply click on the Activate button on the Card screen and enter the last 6 digits of the card number.

Freeze your card and notify us immediately if you ever lose your card, think it's been stolen, or notice a fraudulent charge.

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