This is one of those situations that everyone runs into at some point – you get logged out of your app and can't remember the password you used to create the account. Did I capitalize this letter? Did I add a number and special character? Thankfully, we make resetting your password in these situations easy.

  1. Begin by pressing "Log in" on the launch screen of your Wise mobile app. If you are logging into our web-app, you need to switch to the login page by clicking on "sign in now" on the bottom of your screen.
  2. Press on the "Forgot password" text link near the field you would usually type your password into, this will bring up the flow to reset your password.
  3. Next, you will have to enter the mobile number associated with your account so that we can send you a secure 6-digit code and verify that you are you.
  4. Enter the code you received via text message, then set and confirm your new password.

There you go, you have a new password!

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