You'll receive up to 1.0% APY* payout on all your deposits (no matter how big or small) that you make into your Wise business account. We’ll automatically deposit the interest to your account every month in one cumulative sum. Awesome, right?

With up to 1.0% APY, we make your money work for you. Contrary to what you may have heard, more money does not mean more problems - it means more possibilities! 

We believe your bank should help you every way it can, so that's what we do. In addition to up to 1.0 % APY on all deposits, we eliminate fees where we can, too.

*Just to clarify how "up to 1% APY" works:

Earned Interest = 0.5% APY x Average Daily Balance x (# days in month / # days in year). Additional 0.1% earned for every $1,000 of purchases on Wise cards up to a max of 0.5%. So total potential APY % is up to 1%. This resets every month back to the base APY % of 1%. 

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