No - your Wise account must be hooked up to a Wise card reader. We assure you the benefits are worth the transition. Here's why...

Imagine a world where you only needed one solution to get paid and to pay, instantly*?
*instantly upon transaction approval

Oh, wait - you don't have to imagine because you chose Wise. 

When you accept in-person payments via the Wise card reader, your accepted payments go directly to your Wise account's available balance. This is why you must connect your Wise account to a Wise card reader.

From there, you can pay your employees, contractors, and vendors (and yourself!) all within the Wise app, among other helpful tools.

Forget using multiple apps to get money where it needs to go and say good-bye to any delays or restrictions that come with each app involved. 

Wise offers an all-in-one solution - we fast-track and streamline business banking and payments to empower you and your business to fly higher than ever before. 

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