Yes, you can wipe out that monthly fee by earning cash back. The cash back incentive rate is variable, of course, and right now it is 0.5% for the base rate. It's annualized, so to earn the $120 that Wise will cost over the year, you need to carry an average balance of $24,000. That would earn you $120/year so net zero.

But wait, it gets better. We're offering a Wise Card for spending, and if you spend money with the card, you can earn extra cash - up to 1%. You will earn + 0.1% for every $1,000 spent on Wise card (max of 1% for $5K & above).

So if you spend $5,000/month on the card (pretty easy for many businesses), you will earn 1% cash back, meaning you only have to average a daily balance of $12,000. Any balance you carry above that will be interest earned on top of the fees: Money in your pocket.

Another benefit that can make Wise a financial win for your business, is the Bluetooth card reader for point-of-sale transactions included with your account.... a $100 value.

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