At Wise, we are constantly improving our banking product. Sometimes, we recruit user to check preview and test new features. We use several different names to refer to these pre-release app builds, including "early access," "beta," "preview," etc.

These builds usually haven't been subjected to the same reliability, availability, and security testing as publicly released Wise apps. Also, the features may change before release. If a new feature doesn't work out well, or if users on the whole don't enjoy it, we may remove it altogether. Just be aware these pre-release features are not set in stone.

Finally, these pre-release apps and features are subject to some additional terms of service. If you choose to be a Wise tester, the following terms apply to your use of these products:

  • Beta Services. Despite anything to the contrary in the Agreement: (a) Customer may choose to use Beta Services in its sole discretion; (b) Beta Services may not be supported and may be changed at any time without notice; (c) Beta Services may not be as reliable or available as the Services; (d) Beta Services have not been subjected to the same Security Measures and auditing to which the Services have been subjected; and (e) WISE WILL HAVE NO LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF OR IN CONNECTION WITH BETA SERVICES – USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

  • Feedback. Wise offers Beta Services in order to get user feedback. In exchange for using Beta Services, Customer Agrees that Wise may contact Customer and its End Users to obtain feedback regarding Beta Services. Customer agrees to: (i) and hereby does, assign to Wise all right, title, and interest in any feedback; and (ii) provide Wise any reasonable assistance necessary to document and maintain Wise's rights in the feedback. This feedback may include oral or written comments, suggestions, error reports, and analysis.

  • Confidential. Beta Services are confidential until officially launched by Wise. Customer will take reasonable measures to keep information regarding the Beta Services confidential, including at least those measures Customer takes to protect its own confidential information of a similar nature. Customer will not disclose information regarding Beta Services to any third parties, and will keep new features and functionality confidential until officially launched by Wise. Customer may disclose information regarding Beta Services to the extent required by law or regulation if Customer gives Wise reasonable advance written notice, to the extent permitted, so Wise can seek to prevent or limit the disclosure.

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