We have three different types of cards to help with your spending needs.

Wise Card - This is a physical card that's ideal for in-person spending, although it can be used online as well. It features support for Apple Pay, Google Pay, and enhanced spending controls. Log in anytime to set transaction limits (per transaction, day, month, etc.) or to block specific categories. Although it's technically a "commercial" card and not a "debit" card, it functions much like a debit card in that it debits your account balance immediately. You can learn more about Wise Cards here.

Virtual Cards - These are ideal for online spending, although they can be added to digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay for in-person spending too. Virtual cards function much like the physical Wise Card but since they're virtual, you can log in anytime to create new cards or to modify the control settings of existing cards. Enjoy the added comfort associated with creating specific cards with unique card numbers for specific merchants or other purposes. You can learn more about Virtual Cards here.

ATM Card - This is a debit card that's best used for withdrawing cash from ATMs should you need to do so. It's less ideal for spending compared to the physical and virtual Wise Cards due to the advanced features they provide such as spend controls and digital wallet support. Wise uses the Allpoint ATM network for fee-free ATM withdrawals. You can learn more about the ATM Card here.

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