Virtual Cards are ideal for online spending, although they can be added to digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay for in-person spending too. They have advanced features like the physical Wise Card, but since they're virtual, you can use them instantly after creating them.

Here are some of the advanced features:

  • You can create them in a matter of seconds and can start spending from them immediately.

  • You can set spending controls, such as allowed/blocked merchant categories and spending limits (per transaction, day, week, month, etc.).

  • You can freeze, unfreeze, cancel, or create new cards as needed.

  • They can be added to your digital wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay).

  • Enjoy the added comfort associated with creating up to 25 cards, each with unique card numbers for specific merchants or other purposes.

Note: Virtual Cards are technically "commercial" cards instead of "debit" cards. You cannot use them to withdraw cash from an ATM. You should run it as credit instead of 'debit' when asked.

Freeze your card and notify us immediately if you ever think a Virtual Card has been stolen, or if notice a fraudulent charge.

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