Wise Card is a physical card that's ideal for in-person spending, although it can be used online as well. It has advanced features making it ideal for your business's spending needs. Although it's technically a "commercial" card and not a "debit" card, it functions much like a debit card in that it debits your account balance immediately. To distinguish it from the Virtual Cards or ATM Card, we made it a slick, black card:

A Wise Card will be issued when your bank account is created. You should receive it in the mail within a week of your account being approved (not from your application submission date). You can track the status in the Cards section of the site.

Here are some of the advanced features:

  • You can set spending controls, such as allowed/blocked merchant categories and spending limits (per transaction, day, week, month, etc.).

  • You can freeze or unfreeze the card as needed.

  • It can be added to your digital wallet (Apple Pay or Google Pay).

  • It has a chip for modern card readers.

  • It has Visa's Tap to Pay option for contactless payment (where accepted).

Note: Wise Card is technically a "commercial" card instead of a "debit" card. You cannot use it to withdraw cash from an ATM. You should run it as credit instead of 'debit' when asked.

Freeze your card and notify us immediately if you ever lose your card, think it's been stolen, or notice a fraudulent charge.

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